Potato Hash Recipes


I only started making potato hash recently and have fallen in love how easy it is to make and how delicious it can be. Much like an omelette it’s really easy to mix things up and improvise new recipes and ideas when you are making potato hash brunches.

I have been experimenting over the past few weeks, trying different ingredients and combinations and all have been really healthy and tasty!

See below for a few of different variations.

The key with hash it to cut the potatoes and any other additional ingredients into small chunks  to ensure they cook quickly and can easily be eaten with an assortment of other ingredients in one mouthful.

Salmon Hash

To create a meal that serves 2,  use one onion, a courgette, 10 new potatoes and 2 fillets of salmon. It’s very straightforward in that you sweat the onions for a few minutes on a low-medium heat. Then add the diced courgette and diced potatoes and fry on a medium heat until the potatoes start to crips over. In the meantime get your salmon fillets and lay them onto some foil. Douse in soya sauce with 3-4 garlic cloves pressed into each fillet, season and cook in the oven at 200c for 18 minutes.


Break up the salmon and serve on top of the hash along with some fresh chopped dill.


Kale and Tomato Hash

To serve 2 you will need 250g of kale, 10 new potatoes, 8 cherry tomatoes, a courgette and 2 eggs. Sweat the chopped onions and then add the diced courgette and cherry tomatoes (halved). Once everything starts to brown, add the kale and cook for 2 minutes until it softens. Just before turning off the heat, crack two eggs into the pan and mix vigorously to create a rough scramble. Serve immediately!


Green Bean & Pepper Hash

To serve 2 you will need 10 new potatoes half a bag of green beans, 2 eggs and a pepper. Dice all ingredients. Fry the potatoes for 4-5 minutes on a low heat and then add the green beans and peppers. Once the potatoes are brown and the green beans start to soften, add the 2 eggs, mixing quickly to create a scramble. Go the extra mile and add some extras to your plate. In this instance I roasted mushrooms, tomatoes and pkalettes in the oven for 10 minutes at 200C. Combined with the hash the results are a delicious healthy brunch!




Mr Bao’s – Peckham


We recently moved to Peckham and I have to say it has certainly impressed. There is an abundance of up and coming independent restaurants and cafe’s dotted around, all of which I will no doubt cover at some point on here as there are brunch/lunch options aplenty.


One place we visited recently was Mr Bao’s. Found just up from Goose Green – it’s a cute little pan asian restaurant that specialises in Taiwanese delicacies particularly delicious steamed buns with a variety of unique fillings. We tried to go for dinner here only last week and it was jam packed, so a couple of days later on a cold, crisp Saturday and feeling the hangover we called up and booked a table for our brunch.

There is actually a dedicated weekend brunch menu, but we were desperate to try the standard menu as we had heard so many good things about it.

The first thing I ordered was a jasmine tea to try and offer my body some form of detox after my previous nights partying. They do bottomless brunches here but I stayed away on this occasion.

We decided to go a bit bonkers and order a real feast! We ordered four buns between us with four sides to accompany. Being pescetarian myself, I opted for the Shiitake Mushroom and the Braised Tofu, whilst Josh ordered the braised pork bun aptly titled Mr Bao and the chicken and wasabi Bao Diddley.

The Shiitake Mushrooms were dressed in miso mayo and crispy shallots and their juicy, succulent flesh perfectly complemented the crispiness of the onions. The Braised Tofu bun was crispy and tasty and came with golden kimchi that added a real tanginess.


Josh’t comments on the Mr Bao and Bao Diddley were of utmost approval. The Mr Bao was covered in a dusting of peanut powder and pickles, with the Bao Diddley accompanied by kimchi. Josh’t comments on the Mr Bao and Bao Diddley were of utmost approval.



Our sides were just as outstanding. We ordered Smacked Cucumber that came with the tastiest vinaigrette I have ever had, along with Golden Kimchi, Sweet Potato Chips with Wasabi Mayo and Sesame Spinach.


All in all it was extremely impressive and we will certainly be returning to try the actual brunch menu which offered enticing fusion style plates such as Bao Benedict and Mushrooms on Toasted Bao.


I want to try it all! And if somewhere makes you feel like that, then you know you are onto a winner.


The Hanoi Social Club – Vietnam


Brunch has always felt very British, however slowly but surely it has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. A lot of countries in Asia have adopted the culture of Western brunches and in many tourist hotspots in the far east you are sure to come across somewhere that offers delicious brunch options with tasty ingredients. I have done a lot of travelling, it being one of my passions, and I absolutely love trying local cuisines and fully immersing myself in all the different foodie experiences one can find. I know that it’s a bit controversial writing a post about eating eggs and avocados in Vietnam and trust me, when I am abroad you will normally find me in the local streetfood markets and restaurants. However at this point in time Josh and I had been travelling around South East Asia for 3 months and sometimes you just need a bit of home comfort food.

We found The Hanoi Social Club one hungover Sunday morning in the glorious city of Hanoi, Vietnam’s second largest city. Spread over three four floors, complete with retro furniture and a beautiful garden terrace at the top, it is trendy, artistic and the perfect little getaway from the hectic busy Hanoi traffic.

Found down a quaint little side street, it’s exterior was inviting and exuded a warm cosy charm. We were quite hungry and a tad hungover and luckily for us the portions were pretty sizeable. We tucked into some homemade lentil crisps which were crunchy and wholesome.


Josh then got a breakfast burrito packed full of quinoa and hearty vegetables and I had avocado on toast with two big dollops of sour cream on top. We sat on the garden terrace which was a little humid given the 40 degree heat, but at this point in the trip we had acclimatised and there were fans pointed at us from all directions on full blast so it was actually quite invigorating! Also on offer were an array of vegetarian and vegan options such as mango curry, lentil pasta, delicious freshly made juices. The Hanoi Social Club also prides itself in showcasing local music talent in the evenings so if brunch is not your thing (ahem!) then it’s still a bustling place in the evening.


A real little hidden gem in the back streets of Hanoi, and is perfect when you need some homecomfort food.



Lisbon’s Treats

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Ok I am venturing a little outside of the brunch zone right now. Sorry I know it’s only post three but I wanted to write about my incredible holiday in Lisbon over the summer with my wonderful man, Josh. The beaches, the people, the weather, the architecture are all divine, but let’s not wonder too far off track here….let’s talk about the FOOD!


To be honest – a lot of the food I tried in Lisbon would be perfectly suitable for brunch, it’s light, healthy, fresh and incredibly delicious! All the more reason to include a post on here about the sunny city of Lisboa!


The starting point when it comes to Lisbon’s food is more than obvious….it has to be THE SARDINES. Portugal is renowned for their sardines which are inherent to Portugese culture and eating grilled sardines is a summertime tradition.


In the age of Trip Advisor where everyone skims the latest reviews and ratings before committing to anything, spontaneity has been stifled. But in Lisbon, just delete the TA app, go to any restaurant you fancy and you will be able to order a serving of the freshest, tastiest sardines cooked however you want (although the preference is grilled!). Not to mention all the other delicious fish and seafood that will be on the menu. Normally served with a side of potatoes and vegetable it’s a healthy meal that you can eat everyday if you choose!


Another spot worth mentioning is Belém. Well worth the visit, with the famous Belém Tower and the stunning Jeromino’s monastery there is lots to do and see here. A particular highlight however is it’s fame as the home of the wondrous Portugese Custard Tart! Head to Pasteis de Belém a bustling, beautiful bakery to get yours, you will no doubt find a queue but trust me it’s worth it. They are fresh as can be and you can either eat in or takeaway. Each tart is served with the most delicious cinnamon sugar to sprinkle over it, the perfect complement to the creamy sweet custard and flaky crips puff pastry. I would recommend ordering more than you need as you will no doubt want another taste after you leave. My mouth is watering just thinking about them I am definitely going to have a go at making them!

Another must-do is the Time Out Market. It doesn’t sound particularly authentic does it, but wow the food there is second to none. Made up of 35 kiosks that will delight you with various delicacies including sardines from the Conserveira de Lisboa, Azeritao sheep’s cheese, ceviche, fresh seafood, wines from Garrafeira Nacional and chocolates from Arcadia. We opted for steak and tuna ceviche at one stall and garlic prawns with razor clams at another.


A couple of restaurants worth visiting (and sorry they aren’t very brunchy!) are Mini Bar and Ramiro’s aka The Seafood Temple. If you are a fan of Heston Blumethal’s experimental cuisine then you will love Jose Avillez’s Mini Bar which offered everything from prawn ceviche to bursting olive balls to exploding cocktails. I took so many photos but they all came out pretty badly as it was so dark in there! The Seafood Temple was chaotic and exciting. It was packed to the brim with a queue outside the entire time we were there. Waiters frantically ran up and down shouting and exclaiming at each other in Portugese, trying to get their orders completed. We ordered a lobster, crab, and prawns and all were exceptional, the quality there is second to none. The lobster meat was chunky and filling, the prawns flavoursome and the crab was beautifully delicate. You can’t book so be prepared to queue but it’s well worth the wait.


So that’s a little snapshot of eating out in Lisbon. Again, a slight detour from brunch but that won’t happen too often!



Cafe Fleur’s – SW18


Cafe Fleur’s is hands down one of my favourite places I have found for brunch in South-West London. Located in Wandsworth, it can be relied upon for delivering huge portions of healthy yet beautifully comforting dishes. One the corner of a quiet residential street, it’s charming atmosphere offers the perfect hangout for a chilled late afternoon.


There is plenty to choose from from brunch/brekkie to lunch dishes. I have mainly dabbled in the brunch offerings of course! The Vegetarian Breakfast is flawless with all the necessities including bubble & squeak, sautéed mushrooms, veggie sausage and spinach. The Vegan breakfast in addition totally exceeded my expectations. I am trying to cut back on meat so have been going for meat-free options where I can and have not been disappointed – this being one of those moments. The sweet potato bubble is chunky and wholesome and it comes with a serving of the most delicious guacamole. If you don’t get a dish that comes with guac make sure you order it on the side. I could not believe the flavour explosion in my mouth. It’s the perfect mix of avocado, herbs and tomatoes bought to life with a dash of citrus juice.



If you like Eggs Benedict than give The Fleur Bubble a go, which consists of their homemade bubble topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce (although they do have traditional Eggs Benedict if you are a creature of habit. Either way….it’s all yum!

Other dishes definitely worth trying are the Avocado, Chili and Whipped Feta on Toast, The Homemade Fish Pie and The Breakfast Brioche Bap.


Cauliflower, Spinach and Basil Bread


This is a delicious low carb alternative to bread and can be served with as a side to your scramble. It doesn’t quite have the same texture as bread, but in my opinion it’s 10 times more delicious than the standard loaf you might buy from the supermarket and it is so easy to make.


1 Cauliflower
1/2 onion
3 cloves of garlic
100g spinach
150g cashews or pistachios (or a mix of both)
handful basil
pinch of salt and pepper
3 eggs

Break the cauliflower up, put it in a blender and then whizz until the consistency of breadcrumbs. Do the same with the cashews or pistachios and they are grounded. Meanwhile chop the garlic and onion into small pieces and fry in a saucepan until golden brown. Beat the eggs in a saucepan, season and then stir in the garlic and onion along with the cauliflower and nut mix and mix well so everything is covered with the egg. Chop the spinach and tear the basil into small pieces and add to the mix. Using a large spoon, place the mixture into small circular patties on greaseproof baking paper. Then pop in the oven for 20 minutes at 180C until golden brown. Remove from the oven and leave to cool down before serving next to yummy scramble or an omelette.